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Voice Actress
Francesca Rinaldi (Original/Italian)
Tara Strong (English)
Magical Abilities
Close and open Solaria's ocean portal
First Appearance
The Shimmering Shells
Bonded Fairy

Illiris is Stella's bonded selkie and the gatekeeper of Solaria's ocean portal.


She can be a fashionista-like selkie, because of her lashes. She and Stella both have a great sense of humor. 

Season 5

When Tritannus stole Illiris 's powers, Stella , Musa and Flora come. Then, Stella and Illiris bond and it restores Illiris's powers back.


Illiris has the same size of pixie, like the other selkies. Her skin is colored light orange while her outfit with yellow stripes and tail are also colored orange. She has an orange veil and hat and has a pink star in her hat. Her eye color is blue. And the symbol on her forehead has three stars and the other star is larger than the three stars and are all colored orange.