Princess Roxy is the princess of Tir Nan Og. 
Roxy Season 5


Roxy is very upbeat and cheerful, and cares deeply for animals, to the point where she opened a shelter for homeless animals in the back of her father's cafe; The Frutti Music Bar. Roxy is brave, and isn't afraid to stand up for herself, when she's being bullied or attacked. She is also rather stubborn, as seen when she wouldn't believe in fairies. Despite this, she is usually seen cheerful, especially in Season 5, possibly because she's enjoying her experience at Alfea.

Season 5

Roxy is a minor charater in season 5.She aproches bloom and tells her that she is going to join alfea


Roxy has a purple hair, pale skin complexion and blue eyes.

Roxy wears a pink top with blue borders and a paw in the middle and underneath it is a palegreen top. 

Roxy In Season 4